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Troubleshooting Manual Sprayers and Small Motorized Sprayers


First, manual sprayer One reason why the spray does not come out of fog and drips is that the filter inside the casing is blocked, and the second is that the inclined hole in the nozzle is blocked and the plug can be removed and removed. 2. The spraying of water and gas at the same time is the reason that the weld of the infusion tube in the barrel is desoldered, or the infusion tube is corroded by the liquid medicine, and welding or replacement of the new tube is required. 3. The scattered fog is scattered and not conical. The reason is that the shape of the nozzle hole is not correct or is blocked by dirt, resulting in poor atomization. The nozzle cap should be unscrewed and the nozzle holes should be removed. 4. The reason why the air cylinder does not enter the air intake is that the crust is dried and hardened and the wear is broken; second, the bottom screw of the cuvette falls off and the cuff falls off. The shrink-drying cups are immersed and soaked in oil or animal oil. After being inflated, they should be put on. The broken cups should be replaced with new ones, and the loose screws can be tightened after the cups are loosened. 5. Air leakage caused by air cylinder gland or water cap leakage is mainly caused by loose seals. Check whether the rubber gasket is damaged or unleveled. If the flange is detached from the air cylinder, replace the gasket according to the situation, install the leveling device, and remove the welding position. Fix it. 6. Plug rods and glands take off the water from the wall of the gas cylinder and the bottom of the cylinder, or the steel balls in the valve casing are caught by the dirt and cannot get close to the valve body. Welding repair or removal of dirt should be performed as appropriate. 7. If the switch leak switch is damaged or the asbestos rope under the switch cap is aged and gaps are created, it will lead to water leakage. Replace the new product or change the new asbestos rope as required, and tighten it. Second, a small motor sprayer Can not start or start difficult reasons: 1 fuel tank is not oil, add fuel can be. 2 The oil passages are not smooth and the oil passages should be cleaned. 3 The fuel is dirty and the oil contains water. Replace the fuel. 4 Into the cylinder too much oil, remove the spark plug a few revolutions and dry the spark plug. 5 Spark plugs do not flash over, excessive carbon deposits or breakdown of insulators should remove coke or renew insulators. 6 The spark plug and platinum gap are not properly adjusted and should be readjusted. 7 Capacitor breakdown, high-voltage wire breakage or detachment, high-voltage coil breakdown, etc., must be repaired and updated. 8 There is oil on the white gold or burn out, remove the oil or burn the burned parts. 9 If the spark plug is not tightened, the crankcase leaks, and the cylinder mat is burned out, the relevant parts should be fastened or the cylinder head gasket replaced. 10 The self-tightening oil seals on both sides of the crankcase are seriously worn and should be replaced. 10 The main air valve is not open and can be opened. 2. Can start but the power is insufficient for the following reasons: 1 lack of oil, the main volume hole blocked, air filter plug, etc., should be cleaned and dredged. 2 If the platinum gap is too small or the ignition time is too early, adjustment should be made. (3) Excessive carbon deposition in the combustion chamber causes the mixture to ignite (characteristically, the body temperature is too high) and the coke should be removed. 4 The cylinder liner, piston and piston ring are seriously worn and should be replaced with new ones. 5 Mix the oil too thin and increase the contrast. 3. The reasons for the unsteady running of the engine are: 1 The main components are worn out, and the knocking phenomenon occurs during the movement. Replace the components. 2 Ignition time is too early and there is a phenomenon of tempering. Check and adjust. 3 Platinum wear or loose, should be updated or fastened. 4 There is water in the float chamber or oil is deposited, causing unstable operation and cleaning. 4. The reasons for sudden flameout in operation are: 1 After the fuel is burned, it should be refueled. 2 high-voltage line off, can be connected. 3 throttle control mechanism to remove, should be repaired. 4 The spark plug is broken and must be replaced. 5. Pesticide spray does not atomize the reasons are: 1 low speed, it should be accelerated. 2 The fan blades are angularly deformed, and the limited damper is not opened, depending on the situation. 3 The nozzle shaft in the ultra-low volume nozzle is bent, and there are debris or serious wear in the high-pressure jet nozzle. Take appropriate measures to deal with it.

Ignite Status:

Comparing with normal spark plug, the flame od Iridium Spark plug spread more frequently. Iridium Spark plug improve much more the ignitability and fuel economy.

Improve Acceleration:

With the 0.5mm center electrode, the acclerating performance improves obviously. The time difference to speed up would be shortened 0.7 to 1 second.

Improve Engine Starting:

With the powerful ignitability, the Iridium Spark plug can ignite the engine easily and make less cut off even under thin air and adverse environment.

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